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weekend offloading

13.12 miles down, 26 days to go.

after i decided to opt out of potential thunderstorms in central park on saturday, i plotted out a replacement run around the perimeter of nearby prospect park. i started out minding my speed, picked up my pace for the third mile, and then suffered a bit from heat exhaustion at mile four.  i got the shivers!  in eighty degree heat! my running app plotzed (because,…

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playlist: central park loop

playlist: central park loop

3.3 miles down, 28 days to go.

later this afternoon, i’m going to head over to central park to run the loop, which should slap 6.1 miles on top of thursday’s mileage.

i’ve run the loop in its entirety twice, but the third time i was out there (on national running day), i petered out and shortened it to four miles.  the midday heat and humidity immediately sapped the energy from me just two miles…

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photo 2 (4)

today’s run in the woods marks the first few miles out of a hundred over the next thirty days

i’m a slackerrrrrr.

shuffling back and forth between two places (brooklyn and the verdant mountains upstate) over the last month has me living out of suitcases and bags, spending more time on buses and trains more than i’m used to.  although i love being in both places, this has blasted little jagged…

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i’ve been having a really weird week. after having spent last week upstate and rural new jersey, i returned to the city feeling a little out of step. i haven’t run since saturday’s trail run, but i have been staying fairly active.

photo (10)

on monday i struggled through an intense workout that involved lifting medicine balls and doing a billion squats with my colleagues in the office gym.  while everyone…

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judging a look by its runner

unawares i am

i find running-themed internet memes to be a little absurd, but sometimes they speak to me in ways that make me hate myself little.  for example, this particular meme got me wondering what i actually look likewhen i run. i guess it’s kind of like how people like looking at photos taken of them when they’re caught unawares.  i too want to see how i appear when i’m not trying to look…

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photo 1 (6)

i woke up this morning with a seed of an idea planted in my mind. i was going to run six miles–a nice, long run through pine bush’s pastoral landscape.  this kind of run is ideal since i prefer to run continuously and at a clip.  this is only possible outside of the city.  if i’m running in the city, you can bet on finding me waiting, visibly irritated at having to stop at one of the many…

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upstate of mind

photo (8)

on friday evening, we arrived upstate!  after doing a week’s worth of grocery shopping and after we unpacked, we reunited the dogs.


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being a city dog, nico was psyched to roam off-leash.  BOOM!

photo 1 (5)on saturday morning, todd and i mapped out and set off on a four mile running route over in the beautiful riverside town of beacon.  the route included…

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effing up toward efficiency

effing up toward efficiency

stopped to take this photo while running in maine on a full stomach. mostly because i felt like i was going to puke.

in the beginning, it took me well over a month to figure out how to prepare myself properly for a run.  before i stepped out the door for the first time in my brand new shoes, i scrubbed the internet for some basic tips for beginners, and read some articles in a few running…

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